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Innofood Summit: Research, Development & Innovation

Among the main values of The Avocado Guys family is innovation, thats why we were honoured to collaborate with Innofood which is a company thats specialise in supporting clients through the developing of new and existing products for their nutrition seminar, at the Uppery Club Malaga guided by Mr. Jose Maria Fernandez Gines who is the Food Innovation Engineer of the entity.

The conference discussed the forefront of research, development & innovation in food and agri-food products. During the presentation Innofood focused on the importance of strategic innovation and planning, project management, food and concept development for restaurants, retailers and manufacturers.

Mr. Jose Maria Fernandez Gines used our Avomayo, Avochoco and Avobutter as one of the example of inventive food products. A tasting followed after the presentation under the epicurean experts and the invited guests. The guests feedbacks were positive and they expressed their taste with great emotion, one of the guest even stated that :

“The avocado Guys products are super fun and original, because you never know whats the next flavour that will be launched ”.

The event was a success drawing greater attention on the development and originality in the food industry and the importance of persisting in the exploitation of new concepts. The Avocado Guys would like to show much appreciation to Innofood for giving us the opportunity to showcase our product and give a special thank you to Mr. Jose Maria Fernandez Gines for referring to us as an example of great innovation in our sector.

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