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Collaboration with the Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Sevilla

Among our main objectives, is to give chefs the opportunity to develop their culinary creativity by offering them The Avocado Guys products to experiment with, hoping to reveal their potential in creating new gastronomical dishes.

That’s why we collaborated with the Escuela Superior de Hosteleria in Sevilla guided by the ambassadors chefs of the institute, to prepare the forthcoming graduates. We were curious to see how the new chefs will be exploring their creativity and skills utilising our products, so for the last 6 months they have been using our Avomayo, Avochoco and Avobutter accompanied by other brands to explore new epicurean dishes.

The Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Sevilla was elected “Best European School of the Year” in 2000, 2005 and 2017, received the “Ibero-American Prize for Excellence in Education” awarded by the Ibero-American Council of Universities and is the seat of the AHEOS, the Association of Spanish Universities.

The student of the Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Sevilla did an amazing job, they showcased the dishes which they have been working on during the last half year, you could see that their plates were full of creativity and the dressage skills was so original, in our point of view it was a culinary art with a real history of gastronomic cuisine.

We were also honoured to participate in the graduation ceremony, it was an event placed under the sign of conviviality, team spirit and sharing, during the event some of the plates that were made by the epicurean experts were showcased. We hope that The Avocado Guys products contributed in making this student journey different and helped them experimenting several areas in the cooking field with great emotion.

We would to thank the Escuela Superior de Hostelería in Sevilla for their collaboration, and the amazing opportunity they offered us.

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